Tianna Rogers
11th Grade student at Kensington High Sciences Academy
2/16/17 SRC Meeting Testimony
Youth United for Change Student Leader

Good afternoon members of the SRC, Dr. Hite, staff, teachers, students, and families. My name
is Tianna Rogers, I am a junior at Kensington Health Sciences Academy, and I am a member of
Youth United for Change. In July of 2016, Mayor Kenney selected my school to be a community
school. In October of 2016, the school district informed us that they would be intervening in our
school. We were told not once, but twice, that no school would be intervened if there was already a significant academic intervention in place. But what about the Mayor’s Community School policy? The School District knowingly intervened with the Mayor’s primary education policy and central campaign promise, Why?

Mr. Williams has set up great programs in my school such as the Health Related Tech, PharmacyTech and Dental programs but what if the new principal doesn’t agree with it and decides to eliminate them? These programs prepare us to be healthcare professionals and without them wewill be under prepared for the field. These programs are also one of the strongest points in ourschool besides our students teacher relationships. We the students want you, the SRC and Dr. Hite, to make sure that our new principal is committed to these programs.

Community schools are beneficial to everyone whether you are a parent, student, or a teacher.
The process offered us all a seat at the table in making decisions for the school. By removing
Principal Williams from the equation, you’re interrupting the balance and order of the school’s
culture. What if the new principal doesn’t agree with the community school motto? Can you
guarantee that the new principal will commit to our programs and community school process?
You can’t just remove our principal and just leave it at that, we need resources and your support.

When the company Cambridge came to evaluate my school, they said that our principal was one of the strongest assets in our school, so why take him away?
Dr. Hite has said that our school is no longer on the turn- around process list, he has said that he would provide resources, but I know that Dr. Hite doesn’t make these decisions, the SRC does. I also know that in the past, the SRC has voted against your word, Dr. Hite, so what’s to stop them this time?

I noticed WHYY is in the audience, get this message to the mayor for me: while the School
District is intentionally going against your community schools policy, one of the main reasons
why you were elected as mayor, you have been silent. You haven’t come to the community
schools policy defense at all, you haven’t come to Kensington Health Sciences defense at all. In
the coming weeks we, Youth United for Change, parents, teachers, and staff, would like to
schedule a meeting with you to discuss the future of our school.

Back to you Dr. Hite, you have dragged your feet and remained silent about meeting with us, thecommunity, for too long and I think it’s about time we spoke to you, the SRC, personally. Mr.
McGinley, you were quoted by the inquirer saying “My heart is with traditional public schools”.
So you should have no problem with helping my school with resources, support, and stability.
Let me make this crystal clear, we, Youth United for Change, will not leave this building until
we have a scheduled appointment for SRC members to meet with us and Kensington Health
Sciences parents, teachers, and students.

Thank you